Organic Products

FOR GRAIN ORDERS, we have been working with a local organic vendor in order to offer a huge variety of products.  This vendor works on a large, commercial level and sends smaller customers to me.  This is good for both of us; I enjoy an income and they can utilize their time more efficiently (it takes just as much time to handle a $25,000 order as it does a $25 order).  They give me such a great discount that I am able to charge the same price for the products that they charge to their customers. 

So here's what to do:

1.  Click on this link
Excel Organic Products link to take you to an Excel worksheet or click this link to take you to a PDF Organic Products link and you will scroll through pages (and I mean lots of pages) of products to see what is available and the current market price.  Please don't contact my vendor for the orders; they need you to continue to use the Family Baker to place orders. 

2.  Send an email to me at [email protected] to place your order.  I need the orders to be emails.  I make fewer mistakes when they are in black and white. Please, no phone orders.  In addition to grain, we also carry a variety of baking supplies.  See that tabs at the top of this page to access the rest of our lines.

3.  Orders made by Monday at 8 am will be ready for pick up by Wednesday, but you may pick it up any day or time at your convenience.  Just text or email me when you plan on coming to be certain someone is here. 
Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday 10am - 6:00pm
Closed Sunday
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